Indoor decoration living room dining room

Indoor decoration living room dining room

easy processing, beautiful appearance acrylic mirror sheet decoration
Acrylic background wall maintenance has the following points,

1. Acrylic (plexiglass) products, if no special treatment or add hard agent, plexiglass is the product itself easy to wear, scratch. So the general treatment of dust, you can use chicken feathers or water rinse, and then wipe with soft cloth. If the surface of the oil disposal, soft detergent can be used to water, scrub with soft cloth or 1% concentration of soapy water with a soft cloth to clean.

2. Acrylic temperature of heat will be about 70 degrees will be deformed, when heated to 100 degrees or more will soften, it should be avoided for more than 100 degrees.

3. Acrylic is easy to crack, pick and place should pay attention to the surface of the protection, acrylic surface if there is a small scratches, you can directly use toilet paper or wipes dip a little toothpaste to wipe, if it is a big scratches, And then polished to restore better or can try to use the polishing machine (or car waxing machine) fitted with cloth round, dip the amount of liquid polishing wax, even light can be improved.

4. Acrylic should take soft cloth scrub, do not use any kind of granular objects containing cleaning agent, do not use a variety of chemical solvents scrub.

5. Extruded thermal expansion coefficient of acrylic, placement or fixed when the temperature changes should be considered to leave room for expansion and contraction.
6. If the acrylic products are not damaged, you can use acrylic adhesive, so you can avoid the ugly adhesive seam.

7. To acrylic products bright, you can use liquid polishing wax, wipe with a soft cloth.
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