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Acrylic Mirror vs Glass Mirror

Acrylic Mirror vs Glass Mirror

Acrylic Mirror is produced by high-quality acrylic sheet through the latest processing technology to be a kind of decorative mirrored material.

Mirrors made of glass or acrylic have virtually no difference in reflective viewing or brilliance. Glass surfaces, because of their hardness, are more resistant to surface scratching than acrylic surfaces. Acrylic mirrors are shatterproof and lighter than glass mirrors.

In terms of quality and portability  glass mirrors are more useful as its more resistant to scratching, but heavy in nature on the other hand acrylic mirror break easily in small hit and also less resistant to scratch. In terms of price also Glass mirrors are less costly than  acrylic mirrors

Comparing to the traditional glass mirror, Acrylic mirror sheet is more light weight, texture Strong, easy to process, and impact resistant, easy to install.

Disadvantages: poor rigid, acrylic imaging is not good as glass mirror, and image distortion. Surface hardness is not like glass, glass surface hardness of 5H, without surface hardening, acrylic sheet surface hardness in 2H-3H. After surface hardening, the acrylic sheet surface can be theoretically up to 5H, the actual 4H +.

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