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Olsoon acrylic mirrored products features and processes

1. High quality: the acrylic mirror sheet internal impurities and specular phenomenon is lower than the other competitors 15% -20%.The machine pull on the acrylic tube surface is 40% less than  other competitors

2. Material protection performance: We use the industry's thickest protective film to protect the mirror sheet surface from being scratched. Most of the peers use 0.03MM protective film, our company uses 0.09MM protective film, 3 times than other supplier

3.Fast delivery: 7-10 days to complete the order, emergency, 4 days to complete

4. To provide a variety of export services, we can provide EXW, FOB, CIF global logistics services

5. Environmental protection level is high, a variety of materials to produce acrylic sheet with ROHS environmental certification

6. Styles, mirror acrylic color can be choosen up to 40 kinds

7. Easy processing, the extruded acrylic mirror sheet is suitable for a variety of processing methods: laser cutting, sawing cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing, hook knife cutting, stamping, bonding, CNC etc.

8. Packing: the acrylic sheet is wrapped in kraft paper,then put on the tray,use of anti-collision protection in the corner of the material , the material covered with an entire board,use the stretch film for waterproof protection, and finally instal protective wood to protect the acrylic mirror sheet side, use the high-strength iron bar fixed. So that the packaging is equivalent to the effect of wooden box

9. Quality service: to provide customers with a variety of logistics services, shipping, air transport

10. After-sale tracking service: We throughout the supervision of each piece of acrylic sheet from production to shipping, to ensure the quality

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