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Olsoon Fabulous Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Olsoon's own acrylic mirror brand: Fabulous, made of 100% raw material, the acrylic mirror backside paint is non-toxic and odorless. Fabulous brand acrylic mirror sheet has obtained a number of certification, such as SGS / ISO14001 / RoHS / MSDS / EN71. With the features of safety , green, easy processing can be cut to size(such as laser cutting, sawing cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing, scissors cutting, stamping, CNC, etc.) ,especially for interior decoration, display supplies, cosmetics counters and toys. 

Olsoon's acrylic mirror is anti-scratch, high imaging rate, surface hardness up to 5H, the acrylic mirror quality is much higher than the peer. Olsoon is the leading representative of the Chinese acrylic industry. And Olsoon is also the top acrylic mirror sheet manufacture in China with 2 production lines that 350 tons output per month.

Since Fabulous brand launched, sold in many countries around the world, the excellent quality of the acrylic mirrored win the customer's praise,establishing a long-term cooperation relationship.

If you are searching the quality plexiglass mirror sheet,Olsoon can supply you the cost-effective products.The higher standard quality,the lower price.Contact
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