• Laser Cutting

    Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting as a new processing method, with its processing precision, fast, simple operation, high degree of automation advantages. Laser cutting compared with other cutting methods, not only the price is low, low consumptio...
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  • CNC computer precision saw cutting

    CNC computer precision saw cutting

    Using CNC computer precision saw cutting can not only save expensive mold costs, but also shorten the processing weeks, can complete positioning, linear processing, especially suitable for single small batch production and large plate t...
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  • Fine carving CNC carving cutting

    Fine carving CNC carving cutting

    Precision carving CNC carving system (CNC engraving technology) is a combination of traditional engraving technology and modern NUMERICAL control technology, it inherits the traditional engraving fine light, flexible and free o...
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  • Diamond polishing

    Diamond polishing

    Diamond polishing is suitable for large quantities of direct polishing, polishing is not suitable for the rounded corner at the right Angle. Throw out the product appearance is beautiful, and high efficiency, the use of diamond...
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  • Cloth round of polishing

    Cloth round of polishing

    Cloth wheel polishing can deal with the abnormity, the effect is good, but the efficiency is very low. It is mainly used for high quality products such as crafts. ...
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  • Manual polishing

    Manual polishing

    Hand polish, this method is now mainly used for very demanding crafts. Fine position can take the way of manual polishing, manual polishing is relatively slow and suitable for the polishing of high quality fine parts. ...
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  • Fire polishing

    Fire polishing

    Flame polishing is mainly the use of high temperature for acrylic plate processing, through the flame polishing acrylic plate bright, beautiful, mostly used for artistic crystal word polishing processing. ...
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  • Ultraviolet LED Inkjet printing(Uv printing for short)

      UV printing process mainly refers to the use of special UV ink in UV printing machine to achieve local or overall UV printing effect.  UV ink is a kind of green ink, with instant rapid curing, no volatile organic solvent...
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  • silk-screen printing

    Screen printing (also known as hole printing and screen printing), also known as screen printing or screen printing. Screen printing is a multi-empty screen template. One printing method is to print by squeezing the ink through...
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  • Laser marking

    Laser engraving processing is based on the use of NUMERICAL control technology, laser processing media. The physical denaturation of the melting and gasification of the processed material under the irradiation of laser engraving can mak...
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  • Hot bending

    Hot bending

    Hot bending is the process of making acrylic sheet or sheet into products of various sizes and shapes. The blank which is cut to the required size is clamped on the heating frame, which is softened by heating, and then pressed to make i...
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  • Vacuum forming

    Blister forming is the use of negative pressure, the use of infrared heater heating different plastic sheet, placed above the mold, evacuated by vacuum pump, forming cooling, reprocessing finished products. Blister products are made by ...
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